Wanna Cry? I bet somebody does…

South Korean web host pays largest ransomware demand ever!

WannaCry only demanded $300 from each victim. These hackers extorted $1 million from one South Korean company.

Hackers appear to have pulled off a $1 million heist with ransomware in South Korea.

The ransomware attacked more than 153 Linux servers that South Korean web provider Nayana hosted, locking up more than 3,400 websites on June 10. In Nayana’s first announcement a few days later, it said the hackers demanded 550 bitcoins to free up all the servers — about $1.62 million.

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This ransomware exploited a known bug and took advantage of systems that didn’t apply the patch provided by Microsoft.  It’s things like this that keep us checking systems to ensure they are as patched and plugged and as secure as they can be.

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