Bi-Tech Service Offerings

At Bi-Tech - We Build Professional Grade Technology Infrastructures!

Our full spectrum list of services covers every aspect of your Electronic Environment.

We offer the full spectrum of technology services. We will consult with you and help design a system that suits all of your company's needs.

We personally deliver, install and configure your servers, notebooks or desktop computers. We'll run your cables and install your routers and switches.

On top of all of this we'll be available remotely 24/7 and in house during operating hours to support the systems so your employees can work and not worry.

John McKinley once said "The most essential thing for us was to get the business model right, then put the world-class technology under it to support it. At Merrill, that meant not doing what people expected." At Bi-Tech, we believe the same.

Bi-Tech, Expect more, get more. It's what the companies we work with have come to expect.

Here's how your company can benefit from joining our list of success driven clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Why Bi-Tech?
    We're not the new kids on the block. We've been supporting the electronic environments of all sorts and sizes of companies since computers were first replacing typewriters as desktop fixtures. We've helped many clients increase productivity, streamline processes, secure their environment or bring their company to life on the web.
  • Technical Support
    Our support staff consists of the same techs who deliver, install and configure our systems so supporting your technology is a snap. Bi-Tech is proud to have long term, committed employees, who not only grow with our company, but with yours as well. Our personable staff will give you the confidence to know that whatever the problem, we have a solution. Remote Support Services are available 24/7 and On-Site Support Services are available during normal business hours.
  • Responsive Excellence
    Every call to Bi-Tech is handled by a professional support rep, each with over 15 years experience in the industry. Your calls do not get transferred to different departments where you have to explain yourself time and time again. When you call Bi-Tech, you are calling people who have grown to understand the peculiarities of your environment and the technical abilities of your staff. Our aim is to get your system back in action and up and running with as little down time as possible.
  • Quality Parts & Service
    When you buy from Bi-Tech, know you can buy with confidence. We deal only with tier one companies such as Dell, Microsoft, ASUS and Lenovo for quality parts and reliable service.

Let us help you grow your company

by getting the most out of your technology.

Our Clients

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus