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About Team, Partners, and Quality Services

The Bi-Tech Team:
  • Performance Support
  • Innovation
  • Long Term Relationships

Bi-Tech Business Partners:
  • Performance Support
  • Innovation
  • Long Term Relationships

Bi-Tech Provides:
  • Performance Support
  • Innovation
  • Long Term Relationships
The Bi-Tech Team
The Bi-Tech team has been providing the business world with innovative computer solutions since 1979. We are a systems integrator and design our own computer systems, install and setup networks, provide commercial software solutions as well as custom software solutions, conduct training classes, and provide quality service in house or on site.

  • Performance Support:
    • We increase your organization performance through our computer-related solutions.
  • Innovation:
    • We approach each project looking for creative solutions that give lasting results.
  • Long Term Relationships:
    • We build long-term relationships, which assures long-term solutions to your problems. We provide support, service, and the assurance that today's solution will integrate with tomorrow's technology.
Bi-Tech Business Partners
Bi-Tech Business Partners:
Bi-Tech has created a series of strategic alliances to bring added depth to the Bi-Tech team. Being a Bi-Tech Business Partner requires the same dedication to service and detail as the Bi-Tech Core Team. Long hours and state of the art skills are applied to understanding your business needs. Our business partners provide:

  • High end Accounting Software
  • Graphic Design
  • Hardware and Software Leasing
Bi-Tech Provides
  • Computers Systems Integration:
    • Bi-Tech computers are reliable and state-of-the-art. Each computer is custom configured to your specifications. When you need from 1 to 100 computers, to work alone or to be configured in a network. Delivering computers since 1981, Bi-Tech considers this an ‘Art’ not just its ‘Specialty’.
  • Networks: Management and Design
    • Bi-Tech does more than install networks. Trained in Network Design by Intel® we specialize in layout and configuration of network systems. We analyze existing installations. This assures you of a network that works as efficiently as possible and is updated to the latest of industry standards, with all the service kits and patches correctly installed.

      Bi-Tech will manage your network. We have personnel with the special skills required to administer and support your network and your business.

      We install networks: We specialize in Novell and Microsoft NT networks.
  • On-Site Service:
    • Bi-Tech offers direct on-site service contracts from dedicated Bi-Tech personnel and we also offer third party on-site warranty services from worldwide organizations. On-Site service provides you with either hardware insurance and/or software support. Support is offered for computers, printers, cabling, network components, tape drives and auxiliary support for Network operating systems, Dos, Windows 3.x and Windows 9.x, Windows NT, and applications.
  • Software Consulting:
    • Bi-Tech provides consultants to work on your projects as well as providing complete in-house development facilities. We are multilingual, working in a variety of languages from C to Clipper to Clarion, and operating systems from Dos to Unix. For software consulting... Bi-Tech has solutions.
  • Training:
    • We are performance support specialists. Many organizations need training for their staff. We provide high quality training using instructors who are experts in their field and who really know how to convey that information to others.
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